Thursday, June 11, 2009

'Wedge'y Strategy

What is going on over at FOX News? Have they just completely dropped the "Fair & Balanced" facade? Balanced on what?

I am going to point to two cases of what I characterize as paranoid, defensive, and Christian-centric commentaries that have been made recently.

The first was the reaction to the newly minted President Obama including 'non-believers' in his inaugural address:

And the second was the reaction to President Obama's speech in Turkey where he defines America as a Nation of Citizens and not a Christian Nation:

I have a few points to make here in addition to those made by the producers of those YouTube videos:
  • Obama included other Religions in his inaugural address alongside 'non-believers' but the question was never asked if any of them should also be offended
  • Obama said that we are also not a Muslim Nation - but no one asks if they are offended or 'under siege'? etc.
  • I distinctly remember a tone coming from them 8 years ago where questioning The President at a Time of War was tantamount to treason. Is the War over? Last I checked, no.
Now let us be clear: I am neither a Democrat nor a Muslim. Above all else I attempt to practice rational thought and analysis whenever possible. The point I am making is not politically motivated.

But the point I am making is that the rhetoric at Fox News clearly is relgiously and politically motivated and any attempt at being "Fair & Balanced" is an effort only to maintain a false pretense.

There is clearly a tone of being 'out to get' Obama which is an obvious shift from the 'we need to support' Bush attitude afforded to the last Executive Regime.

What I find insidious about this is that Obama is not the only target. He is low hanging fruit to anyone whose doctrine reflects the Wedge Strategy in any way. I see a pattern of behavior there that distinctly resonates the character of that ideaology. What am I talking about? Please read.

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