Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Say No to Facebook

I got a nagging email this morning - from Facebook.

Now I don't know if the person who initially invited me to Facebook actually triggered the reminder email or if it is an automatic 'feature', but this is the text content of the message:

Check out my photos on Facebook

Hi [my email address], I invited you to join Facebook a while back and wanted to remind you that once you join, we'll be able to connect online, share photos, organize groups and events, and more. Thanks, [name of friend who fingered me for them]

Am I over-reacting by saying that I find this to be obnoxious?

If it is not obvious - I do not use Facebook. Nor will I.

I went through the process of giving away personally identifying information that was shared automatically without any ability to hide it (i.e. your age on you home page) when my luddite friends pressured me into joining MySpace. Facebook is notorious for being even more wreckless with how they treat your personal information. I'll Pass.

There is nothing that these services offer that I can not do for free on my own computer in my own house on my own broadband connection - better - and without all of their advertising.

Technically - the same goes for this blog. When they force me to insert ads - I am out of here. If Twitter decides to get personal with me - g'bye! It is just that simple. Using one service while blasting another doesn't make me a hipocrite - it makes me a selective consumer.

Just Say No to Crap - be it products or services. The more that people buy into these scenarios, the more we perpetuate them.

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