Monday, June 22, 2009

An iPhone 1.0 User's Review of 3.0

My first reaction to hearing about the features of the 3.0 release were shock and anger - in that it became apparent that the ability to find a stolen iPhone was something that law-enforcement did not actually use nor take seriously!

I know that if someone slapped the label "terrorist" on me they would be able to track me down in minutes by my phone - but if someone commits a felony theft of my expensive portable computing platform - nothing is done. !?

Does that mean that now we have to look up the position for them and tell them where it is - now that this 'find my iPhone' feature is now available? There is so much wrong with this entire train of thought that I need to derail it before I give myself an aneurysm.

My next reaction after downloading it & trying to install & subsequently sync is that it took about an hour of waiting for the backup to complete - and I don't even have the new 'encrypted backup' check-box ticked off.

It picked up a couple of Outlook related calendar conflicts - easy enough to resolve, and interestingly enough waited until after the update to install the new application updates that I had downloaded this morning. Thankfully this makes Twitterrific work again - something that I strangely found myself missing while traveling.

The cut & paste is OK. It took too long to come out & so it seems that they made sure that it is polished. I would have been happier to get it sooner & have it only work with text - the 90% use case scenario - but hey whatever.

The universal search tool is nicer - but only seems to search Apple apps so far. Perhaps there is an API for that so we might see other apps getting search hits too - but I really don't know.

I do like the new Voice memos app - which is so long overdue that it is redundant since I have multiple apps that do the same thing already installed. Landscape mode in email & other places is also one of those things that took too long to polish but is satisfying to finally have.

So far however the most satisfying feature of all is the ability to log into a WiFi network from the Settings Screen - so that it presumably remembers the login info every time I use a hot-spot. This is the single most annoying thing about hotspots in general - so if it works in the way that it seems to I will be very happy.

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