Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Fun with Math

How are we doing as a species? I think a lot of people would argue on both sides of that question.

And I think I find that very telling today.

The reason why is that as of this point in history the glass is at 0.5 capacity. Half full and half empty.

Here's what I mean by this:

I was curious just how many humans the Earth can sustain at one time, so I researched it.

It is not a simple equation. That being said - I took away the over-simplified answer that every average human requires 2.1 hectares of land to support their biological needs for air, food and water. (NOTE: This is not how Americans live - we're more in the 10 hectares each range. That is the overall average human experience from Aspen to Zimbabwe)

So I asked the next logical question: How many hectares of land are there on Earth?
The answer is 14.8 billion hectares.

So - here is the fun with math:
(14.8 * 1 000 000 000) / (6 700 000 000 * 2.1) = 1.05188344

All the land divided by the current world population's requirement for land equals just enough.

So - we are at the median point in history where we have only as much as we need - and nothing more. This clearly shows that if the human population continues to grow - we ALL have serious problems ahead.

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