Monday, June 22, 2009

iPhone 3.0 Review Revisions

I was very wrong about that wi-fi hotspot login feature. It is in fact possibly more annoying than before because it will favor the log-in page for a hot-spot over a cached page from the last one you were at.

The Voice Memo app seems to have better sound quality than some of the existing apps - so I imagine that it is an issue of compression & I assume Apple is using QuickTime...

One odd thing - Whatever "SMS Texts" were called before have been replaced with "Messages" which is odd to me since on the AT&T GoPhone plan they are US$0.20 each. So I really think that giving it an ambiguous name is a bad idea.

Oh and am I the only one that is tired of reading about AT&T whining about the iPhone saturating their under-developed network?

When is Apple going to wise-up and get a business partner that doesn't constantly bash them? Just try walking into an AT&T store and looking for a decent iPhone customer experience. From accessories available to the sales pitch trying to sell you a Blackberry from the onset and then the endless ways they ratchet up the charges with a built-in auto-accept policy if they arbitrarily raise their rates <10% style="font-style: italic;">anyone do business with this company? It is a Faceless Instrument of Disrespect and I loathe being tethered to them as my service provider.

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