Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Pink!

I have had it with all of the ridiculous colors that have been claimed by people with political agendas.

First we had the red ribbon. Then everyone had to have a stupid ribbon color for their own pet cause.

Then thanks to the news network election night graphics we now have colors for political parties. i.e. "Red States" and "Blue States"

Then somewhere along the line we switched from ribbons on the lapel to ribbon magnets on your car and started wearing colored awareness bracelets.

I am acutely 'aware' that this nonsense is annoying the hell out of me.

The latest color to demand attention is "Green". I am commanded over & over to "GO GREEN" - usually requiring me to do something that I have always done in some new way, usually more inconvenient and almost always clever but not very well thought out.

I tried to look up Green on Wikipedia, to try to get my head around the philosophy. But it seems that it is in fact a political agenda with a party to go along with it. Why can't the Libertarians get the bandwagon rolling the way the greeniacs have?

I saw a commercial where a little girl was "teaching her father to be a better man" by making him buy a florescent replacement bulb instead of an incandescent one. Does a "better man" really toss that much mercury into the landfill just so he can light his walkway?

Here is an agenda that you can wrap your head around in a crappy economy:

Go Pink!

EVERYONE is doing it. It works like this - first you complain about how AWFUL the economy is. You complain so much and so endlessly that you convince everyone that you are DOOMED. Then you have every justification in the world to start treating them like crap - because it isn't you - it's the economy that is doing it!

Why Pink? Mr. Pink epitomizes this philosophy! Remember - "I don't tip!"

Don't argue with people about it - "be a professional."

Think about it - he is the ONLY survivor when everything goes bad.

This amounts to ruthless selfishness, which is what the "Me" generation has always been all about. In business this amounts to the aloof procurement of profits and moral ambiguity.

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