Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gartner vs. Web 2.0

I would love to know what the kickback system is at Gartner and if some eCommerce software vendor paid for this bit of scare-mongering...

We all know that most execs in the Fortune 500 need to justify any decision that costs >$50 with a Gartner report.

Well Gartner just gave Web 2.0 Developers the proverbial Finger.

If you were planning on getting any eCommerce customers to convert to a Web 2.0 experience - you had better make efforts to suppress or discredit this report.

The gist is that companies would see a better return on their investment by spending development dollars on making your web site more easily searchable. That supposedly will lead to more sales.

So - if I am reading this correctly - the same short-term thinking that got us into this deeply dysfunctional economy is now somehow going to get us out of it?

It would seem that Gartner believes that there is no such thing as a competitive advantage to be gained from long-term investments in innovation. So if you're the bandwagon-jumping type - put down the Twitter API's and start digging into the "how to make your web site search-friendly for Google" guide. You're not going to be writing JavaScript this Summer after all - you're going to be scraping the cruft off of URL's.

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