Friday, October 31, 2008

20081031.1051 Iterative Project Planning

The Collective Business Genius at Harvard is busy patting themselves on the back for inventing what we in IT Software Development have been trying to sell to them for ten years now: Iterative Software Development.

Rather than one Big project, do a series of little projects. You learn along the way and are free to change your priorities as you go. Simple. Thanks for paying attention guys.

This is a lesson to IT people - when dealing with "the business" it is always most effective to make them think that they thought of your idea. That way they will buy into it faster.

What kills me is that the 'money people' still think that they have a lock on deductive reasoning and logistical wisdom and that the 'computer people' are the clueless eggheads they see on Eureka. Quick call the dumbass sherrif - we have a quantum singularity on our hands again!

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