Tuesday, October 28, 2008

20081028.1650 Still Trying

iPhones are not a supported device for mobile blogging on this service. That figures - I just got it working on the Googlepages site. Wonderful.

What bothers me about this is that I am just sending an email with an attachment. Wouldn't it behoove them to make a service where you could just do that anyway? Or would that make them susceptible to bot attacks & such automated mayhem?

I tried their little Gadgets thing. It is too permanent. I can't just stick PacMan in-between postings for the heck of it. Once it is there - it is always there.

I tried this out by adding the New Scientist update Gadget at the bottom of the page. I tried to add several much cooler Gadgets there but none of them worked.

Also there are lots of opportunities to forego my Right to Privacy. But I'm still too much the IT professional to not require someone to work at least a little hard to connect the dots on my on-line identity.

OK so that is a lot of complaining... Let us now review what I have gained:
  • The ability for YOU the public, to reply to my posts, add to the conversation and generally insult me. Cool.
  • A proper RSS feed - this was always a gripe about GooglePages, since they stored all of my text as XML, it was a simple XSLT call to produce the RSS feed - but they never got around to it for some reason...

OK so it's not all bad.

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