Monday, December 19, 2011

Liam Neeson is a Loser

My guess is that Liam Neeson desperately wants to be Patrick Stewart.  He wants to be an aging actor who can sit back & collect merchandising royalties from Action Figures.

Does anyone think "action movie" when they think of this putz?

But let's have a look:
1. Batman Begins - lookatmeee I'm a Ninja with an Irish accent!  I'm such a badass I taught Batman everything he knows...

2. The Arrogant Jedi - who -=SPOILER ALERT=- couldn't swing a light sabre to save his life - literally.  But he came back from the dead to teach Yoda... how to come back from the dead apparently...  A useful trick when you can't beat your enemies in a fair fight.

3. Taken : You're a retired special ops guy who's humping it as a bodyguard & you're going to single-handedly take on the French Secret Service, the Paris Police Force & the Saudi White-Slavery ring - killing everyone in your way - because your daughter did everything possible to put herself into danger and is more or less getting what she deserves if not slightly better.

4. The Grey ....  The reason why I now hate this son of an ape.  In this film he shows that people capable of creating fire apparently can't scare away wolves but instead need to have it out in close quarters caveman style combat.  The trailer alone already breaks with reality & the behavior of wolves to a point where I feel like I've hot-tub-timewarped to the Spanish Inquisition....

I don't think that he'll be coming to my house any time soon - but if he does - I'm putting my dogs on him and we will see how this really turns out...  Sarah Palin & Michael Vick are similarly "invited".

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