Thursday, December 15, 2011

I *still* h8 BF3

Going onto the Forums was a mistake.  I will compound this mistake if I buy a headset.  Anyone who is playing this game and is under the age of 4x has long been assimilated into the culture of feeding on the corpses of n00bs.

Here is some advice:  If you see a server that says "n00bs welcome" run.  Don't walk, run away.  That server is populated by parasites who are just sitting there waiting to kill you over & over & get easy points & unlocks from doing so.

In other games, for example World of Warcraft, when people get to be a much higher level that you with much greater abilities -- they aren't really allowed to play with you anymore.  IF they choose to do so, they won't get *anything* from killing things that are too much weaker than they.

In Battlefield 3 it is exactly the opposite.  Since there are no computer generated foes you have to fight all of the other players.  When they rank up & unlock new abilities, weapons, accessories, etc. they get to use them against everyone.  They get the same amount of credit for killing a n00b as for killing a "General".  (Maybe not skill points, but experience points)

So you find situations where you have a guy who has never flown a jet before who is going up against people with far superior firepower and he wont have so much as a flare to pop when they get a lock-on and the n00b in question is still learning how to fly...

I've been told "it's only 2 kills" but how do you get those?  Lucky shots?  That is how I am leveling up at all right now - relying on lucky head-shots for kills.

I have also been told that it is "completely fair" since the old-timers "earned" their gear & the new guys haven't.  But when you can't walk & crouch properly -- are struggling to tell the difference between a red triangle & a neon sign or a spark from a burning barrel -- is it really "fair" to go up against seasoned vets with IR scopes?

The reality is that there is a distinct lack of tutorials in this game.  You will learn by attrition or you will end up quitting quickly.  I am still on the fence & contemplating reselling this game or just giving it away for Xmas...  Pity I can't give up the on-line account too.

The idea that I need to play this game for 30 hours before it becomes enjoyable strikes me as going to work for DICE for a whole week & not getting paid for it...

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