Monday, April 6, 2009

I've Been Upstreamed!

I received a random AIM message today:

CrushedCoho: You know, some guys just can't hold their arsenic.

Apparently there is a thing going on where someone calling themselves "Project Upstream" is running some AIM bots that send a weird message like this to 2 people & then forward their replies to each other.

I imagine that these folks usually end up doing exactly what I did - making some stupid punch-line reply that comes off like another non sequitur and then falling into a pattern of childish accusation of who IM'ed who first.

A quick google search provided Nixie Pixel to explain... and to give me the magic cheat code to unsubscribe for life - Just reply to the IM message stream with:

This prompts you to verify it - and claims that it will opt you out forever - and that it is not undo-able.

This is probably a very good thing, since to victimize someone with this 'spim' all you need to do is to go here and enter their IM handle. Note that once someone is opted-in in this way - they are not provided with the opt-out code - so Google is a useful ally in this situation...

Now - can I get the 1/2 hour of my life back that I wasted on this non-sense?

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