Friday, November 14, 2008

20081114.0922 History Repeats Itself

It would seem that people are standing up and finally taking notice of the fact that rape can be used by the military as a weapon. The question at the moment is whether or not it should be added as a count of genocide against Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir - the President of Sudan.

What bothers me about the referenced article is this sentence:
"Hanging in the balance is whether the heinous modern warfare strategy of mass rape will be condemned and prosecuted for what it truly is: genocide."

It would be a fine journalistic sentence if the word 'modern' was removed. If we go back in history 50 years we will find that the Japanese did exactly the same thing in the Philippines, China and Russia. It has been postulated that was one reason why the Russians invaded Japan at the end of the war against US urging - revenge.

Anyone who has watched Braveheart knows that it was a practice that the English systematically used against the Scottish and the Irish. Go a little further back and we have the Vikings - who populated 1/2 the world with 'yellowheads'. i.e. blonde hair

This is NOT modern. As a result - I predict that these charges will NOT materialize, since then restitution might be sought from anyone else who has used this practice. No one wants to remember a past where their people were guilty.

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