Thursday, November 6, 2008

20081106.1000 Dump AT&T Now. No Seriously.

It would seem that AT&T's new Profit Plan is to charge people by the byte for access to their network. Soon to be gone are the days of unlimited access. AT&T is going to start charging you usage fees based on how much data you send over the wire.

The Story behind this is that supposedly 5% of the users use 50% of the bandwidth. I say that if anyone is using their connection - a service that has an advertised transmission rate - at full speed all month long - then they are simply getting everything that they paid for. The standard line from the ISP's is that you are a 'bandwidth hog' and that you need to be 'capped' for the good of everyone else on the network. Why can't the network handle everyone simply getting everything that they paid for? That sounds like the sort of false advertising that AOL got into trouble for when they tried to sell user accounts into areas where they didn't have the infrastructure to actually support them properly.

This is also a wonderful excuse for them to monitor each and every wire individually - thereby installing the instant eavesdropping service that all of your Three-Letter Government agencies are chomping at the bit to get into the lives of anyone stupid enough to let them.

Think I'm being paranoid? FACT: That cell phone in your pocket can be activated remotely and used as a listening device without your knowledge. You are already bugged. It is only a question of how much attention people want to pay to you.

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