Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dropping the Ballmer

If you are a Micro$oft stock-holder - I suggest that you start a vote of no-confidence against your CEO.

I love to lampoon this guy - because he makes it so easy.

But honestly, just because you were Bill's sidekick does not mean that you have the tenacity of vision that Bill Gates does.

Here is the latest dippy thing that he had to say about a serious subject that strikes at the heart of the M$-Ca$h-Cow:

I am pretty sure that a lot of people know what it is - and what is more they are very interested in it. I know that I am.

The fog of multi-generational FUD is starting to clear as the blogging-generation grows up. No more will the middle-class buying dollars be swayed from their techno-toys by silly mud-slinging.

How do I mock thee? Let me count the ways:
  • Vista - an industry-wide joke that even Jerry Seinfeld couldn't make funny
  • Zune - a pathetic also-ran
  • X-Box - never turned a profit
  • X-Box360 - this product dumping thing is expensive! Still never turned a profit
  • Sync - You can't keep your OS from crashing and you want to put it in my car!?
  • MSN - An online service that no one paid for that became a brand name for awful TV channels
What exactly has come out of Redmond since he's been at the helm that is worth anything?

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