Friday, March 27, 2009

Blue Sun - a Reality?

IBM (aka "Big Blue") is reported to be entertaining the notion of buying Sun Microsystems - to the point of being "in talks" with them.

This has set a lot of people's hair on fire recently.

From my perspective - any economic downturn will herald corporate consolidation. It happens because it needs to happen from an economic point of view. There are overlapping product-lines from both companies competing for the same markets. AIX vs. Solaris, WebSphere vs. GlassFish, DB2 vs. MySQL, etc..

In the long term I do not think it will be good for the customer since prices will inevitably go up while development slows.

It may be good for Java - since both companies have a serious stake in it's success.

But the burning question on my mind is - will they re-brand the companies to something new?

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